SOCCO is a South African born programme whose Integrated Science and Innovation Strategy links the value chain from basic science to societal impact in technological innovation and policy. In addition SOCCO serves as a technological innovation system and an end-to-end Human Capital Development platform. The innovation potential, research enterprise, scientific knowledge and Human Capital that SOCCO generates is at the epicentre of national development and is aligned with strategic initiatives that are embedded in the necessity for social impact. Continue reading


SOCCO has setup five world class research facilities (ocean robotics, bio-optics and biogeochemistry, CO2, trace metal iron biogeochemistry and high resolution modelling) to address our multidisciplinary science objectives. These facilities now form part of the core of SOCCO as well as the South African ocean – climate science landscape stimulating funded international collaborations. Having access to world class technological facilities is fundamental to being able to produce first rate science and capabilities necessary to meet national goals. Another opportunity that comes from having access to technologically advanced infrastructure is the innovation potential that can be leveraged through the development of new technology, prototypes and technology demonstrators that can advance industrialisation by transforming the use or application of conventional products or services. These highly technical platforms continue to provide training in both scientific and technological research innovation to ensure growth in R&D. Continue reading


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