Precious Mongwe is a PhD student in oceanography within the CSIR’s Global Change competence area, registered at the University of Cape Town. He obtained an MSc in Ocean and Climate dynamics from the University of Cape Town. Precious PhD is on the sensitivity of the seasonality of air-sea CO2 flux to fine-scale ocean physics in the Southern Ocean, particularly aims to investigate the impact of fine scales dynamics in simulating the seasonal cycle of the air-sea CO2 flux in the SO using coupled physical-biogeochemical models that are currently included in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) CMIP5 Eearth System Model (NEMO and PISCES), using fine-scale configurations up to 1/36o. The project mainly explore how/if representation of fine scale dynamics at a high-resolution model simulation improves representation and understanding of the seasonal cycle of air-sea CO2 fluxes and biological processes in comparison to observations, and subsequently to diagnose key fine scale mechanisms driving the seasonal cycle of CO2.