Fortunate Shingange is a biochemistry graduate from the University of Pretoria, who also completed her honours degree at UP. She has always been passionate and fond of science, in its all broad aspects and fields. Hence when an opportunity in a different field (oceanography) presented itself, she grabbed with both hands because science is diverse and broad, not in any way limited. She joined the SOCCO group in 2019, as an intern and then pursued (currently) her Master’s degree at the University of Cape Town under the SOCCO group. Her current project focuses on iron (particularly soluble and colloidal fractions) biogeochemistry and cycling in the Southern Ocean. The project aims to address the gap in the literature about the seasonal cycling of iron in the Southern Ocean, by focusing on wintertime distribution. In 2019, she participated in both the winter and spring SCALE cruises. She collected water samples for analysis and quantification to assess the factors contributing to iron distribution in the Atlantic basin of the Southern Ocean.