My academic background is in botany and currently I’m pursuing a career in marine biogeochemistry dealing with nutrient uptake (nitrogen cycle). Oceanography’s ability to link different science fields is interesting and exploring such knowledge is exciting. For the M.Sc. degree, I focused on nitrogen uptake by phytoplankton and nitrification in the South Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. In 2016 I had the privilege of spending a month at Princeton University to analyze nitrification samples, during the trip I learnt three analytical methods to determine nitrification (ammonium and nitrite oxidation) rates, this work was performed at Prof. Ward’s lab. I have started a PhD degree (2017), and for PhD. research I will look at the kinetics of nitrogen and this will be achieved by looking at substrate concentration uptake rates of ammonium (and nitrate in sub-tropical zones) and oxidation rates of ammonium and nitrite in the Southern Ocean. This work will help determine potential maximum uptake and oxidation rates of nitrogen in the Southern Ocean and this work can be useful to model climate prediction.