Dr Thomas Ryan-Keogh’s main research focus is on understanding variable chlorophyll fluorescence under nutrient limitation and applying this to biogeochemical cycling of the oceans. During his PhD he participated on a number of multi-disciplinary research cruises to the high latitude North Atlantic and the Ross Sea. Dr Ryan-Keogh obtained his PhD in oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton/University of Southampton.

As part of SOCCO within CSIR his research will focus on understanding the seasonal cycle of phytoplankton physiology across the Southern Ocean, developing new tools and methods to examine the spatial and temporal variability of phytoplankton photophysiology for application to remote sensing data and biogeochemical model development. His research interests also include understanding how iron impacts the biological carbon pump and the effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton physiology.

Since joining SOCCO in 2015 he has participated on 7 research cruises to the Southern Ocean, including the SCALE Spring cruise where he was the Chief Scientist. He has also helped to co-author 6 successful proposals as both principle investigator and co-principle investigator.