Researcher: Nicolette Chang is a researcher at the CSIR using numerical modelling to understand the physical oceanography of the surface ocean. She uses the ocean-ice-biogeochemical modelling platform NEMO for these purposes. Her duties include liasing with technical staff at the CHPC to get the ocean models up and running in parallel over numerous cores onRead More..

Dr Thomas Ryan-Keogh’s main research focus is on understanding variable chlorophyll fluorescence under nutrient limitation and applying this to biogeochemical cycling of the oceans. During his PhD he participated on a number of multi-disciplinary research cruises to the high latitude North Atlantic and the Ross Sea. Dr Ryan-Keogh obtained his PhD in oceanography at theRead More..

Sarah’s research interest sits on the intersection between ocean physics and biogeochemistry. More specifically, her research focus is on understanding how storms (wind) interact with meso to sub-mesoscale dynamics, and how this may impact upper-ocean mixing, the transport of heat and nutrients, and the modulation of the light environment where phytoplankton live. She uses aRead More..