Dr Thulwaneng Mashifane is a Biogeochemical Model Developer at the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory (SOCCO) within the CSIR. His current research at SOCCO aims to improve parameterisations of physiological processes for phytoplankton in coupled physical-biogeochemical models. This involves using the coupled one to multi-dimensional models configured on the Centre for High-Performance Computing (CHPC)Read More..

I am an active researcher at CSIR and studying the physical and dynamical behaviour of the ocean, seasonal storm mixed layer dynamics, the role and importance of co 2 and heat fluxes for upper ocean variability and about sea ice dynamics. In line with these works, I am also looking at ocean biogeochemical properties andRead More..

Natasha van Horsten obtained a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry in 2010 at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). She did her internship at CSIR in 2009 in the Analytical laboratory and was permanently employed in 2010. During her employment at CSIR in the Analytical laboratory, she completed her B.Tech in Chemistry at CPUTRead More..