Derek J Griffith, Bone E., Thomalla S.J., Dr Stewart Bernard

A multi-excitation fluorometer (MFL, JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.), originally designed to discriminate between phytoplankton species present within a population, has been redirected for use in fluorescence quantum yield (FQY) determination. While this calibration for apparent FQY requires no modification of the MFL, it is necessary to have an independent measurement of the spectral absorption coefficient of the subject fluid. Two different approaches to calibration were implemented. The primary method made use of reference fluorescent dye solutions of known quantum yield. The second method made use of acrylic fluorescent plaques and films. The two methods yielded consistent results, except in the 570 and 590 nm LED channels of the MFL. Application of the MFL in FQY determination is illustrated with an in situ Southern Ocean sample.

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MFL LED normalized photon spectra, plotted on a log scale with ATTO-TEC Dye and Perspex 4T56 relative spectral absorptivity.