Chlorophyll fluorescence, primarily used to derive phytoplankton biomass, has long been an underutilized source of information on phytoplankton physiology. Diel fluctuations in chlorophyll fluorescence are affected by both photosynthetic efficiency and non-photochemical quenching (NPQ), where NPQ is a decrease in fluorescence through the dissipation of excess energy as heat. NPQ variability is linked to ironRead More..

Subseasonal surface wind variability strongly impacts the annual mean and subseasonal turbulent atmospheric surface fluxes. However, the impacts of subseasonal wind variability on the ocean are not fully understood. Here, we quantify the sensitivity of the ocean surface stress (τ), buoyancy flux (B) and mixed‐layer depth (MLD) to subseasonal wind variability in both a one‐dimensionalRead More..

Seasonal progression of dissolved iron (DFe) concentrations in the upper water column were examined during four occupations in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. DFe inventories from euphotic and aphotic reservoirs decreased progressively from July to February, while dissolved inorganic nitrogen decreased from July to January with no significant change between January and February.Read More..