Seasonal progression of dissolved iron (DFe) concentrations in the upper water column were examined during four occupations in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. DFe inventories from euphotic and aphotic reservoirs decreased progressively from July to February, while dissolved inorganic nitrogen decreased from July to January with no significant change between January and February.Read More..

°The seasonal and sub-seasonal dynamics of iron availability within the sub-Antarctic zone (SAZ; 40–45°S) play an important role in the distribution, biomass and productivity of the phytoplankton community. The variability in iron availability is due to an interplay between winter entrainment, diapycnal diffusion, storm-driven entrainment, atmospheric deposition, iron scavenging and iron recycling processes. Biological observationsRead More..

The Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean is characterized by markedly different frontal zones with specific seasonal and sub-seasonal dynamics. Demonstrated here is the effect of iron on the potential maximum productivity rates of the phytoplankton community. A series of iron addition productivity versus irradiance (PE) experiments utilizing a unique experimental design that allowed forRead More..