The Argo Program has been implemented and sustained for almost two decades, as a global array of about 4000 profiling floats. Argo provides continuous observations of ocean temperature and salinity versus pressure, from the sea surface to 2000 dbar. The successful installation of the Argo array and its innovative data management system arose opportunistically fromRead More..

Seasonal progression of dissolved iron (DFe) concentrations in the upper water column were examined during four occupations in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. DFe inventories from euphotic and aphotic reservoirs decreased progressively from July to February, while dissolved inorganic nitrogen decreased from July to January with no significant change between January and February.Read More..

Active fluorescence measurements can provide rapid, non-intrusive estimates of phytoplankton primary production at high spatial and temporal resolution, but there is uncertainty in converting from electrons to ecologically relevant rates of CO2 assimilation. In this study, we examine the light-dependent rates of photosynthetic electron transport and 13C-uptake in the Atlantic sector of the Southern OceanRead More..