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CLOSING DATE 12 December 2022 Apply here Visit our website

Introduction:The CSIR annually offers a linked Internship-Studentship opportunities through the Southern Ocean Carbon-Climate Observatory (SOCCO), an inter-disciplinary programme hosted by Smart Places. These opportunities are in a range of disciplines that address the research needs of earth systems science with a focus on the oceans, which includes research in oceanography, physics, marine biology, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. Interns need to perform and qualify for the Masters studentship programme, apply for an NRF bursary and gain admission to a university. These opportunities will be based in Cape Town. For more information about SOCCO please [[]]

Institution:You will be based with The Southern Ocean Carbon-Climate Observatory (SOCCO) group at the CSIR, Rosebank, Cape Town.

Potential Research Topics:Ocean Physics-Carbon: Surface Ocean physical dynamics of the Southern Ocean that influence CO2 and the biological carbon, links between fine scale dynamics and large-scale carbon-climate sensitivities. Ocean Biogeochemistry: Phytoplankton primary production in relation to Fe and light availability. Computational Oceanography/Numerical Modelling: Evaluating Southern Ocean model simulations using high performance computing, computer skills in model performance, dataset analysis and visualisation.

Expertise:An Honours degree in biological sciences, computer science, statistics, oceanography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, or engineering; Basic computer science and coding experience (e.g. Matlab / Python) will be advantageous; An understanding of basic statistics for the processing of large datasets will be advantageous; Knowledge/familiarity with performing data processing, analysis and visualisation on Matlab or Python beneficial; Effective communication skills (oral, written and presentation); Be independent and able to work under pressure.

Application Procedure:Use link at the top of this post.