Human Capital Development
  • Advanced numerical and technical skills depth in Earth Systems Science and its Ocean and Atmosphere sub-domains
  • 20 – 25 MSc and PhD graduates 50% HDI
  • Training platform for 20 engineers 66% HDI
  • A new group of Principal and Chief scientist level researchers at CSIR
Local & Global Science Profile
  • Complete the coupling of the the ocean – atmosphere domains in the CSIR Variable Resolution Earth Systems Model
  • Complete the testing of the CSIR VRESM
  • Expand membership of international panels in addition to existing:
    • Membership of the SSG of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)
    • Membership of the SSG of Clivar of the World Climate Research programme
    • Membership of the science committee of the 49th Liege Symposium on Ocean productivity
  • Double its output of high quality publications
SOCCO aims to have societal level impact in three main areas of national and global needs:
  • Support South African and global carbon mitigation policy by reducing the uncertainty of annual ocean CO2 exchange with the atmosphere sufficiently so that year to year changes can be resolved. This will be supported by on-going operational products
    • Operational CO2 flux index linked to SA-ICON
    • Operational ocean productivity index
    • Operational heat flux index
  • Support the improvement in century scale climate risk forecasts by making the coupled ocean – atmosphere component of the CSIR VRESM reflect the ocean sensitivity to climate change
  • SOCCO graduates will be playing prominent roles in research and policy institutions
  • SOCCO will be an active participant in the public discussion about the choices of developing economies in the face of global change