Human Capital Development
  • Advanced numerical and technical skills depth in Earth Systems Science and its Ocean and Atmosphere sub-domains
  • Hosts 15-20 MSc and PhD students annually >80% HDI >60% Female
  • Training platform technicians and engineers that can be absorbed into the economy
  • A new group of Principal and Chief scientist level researchers at CSIR
Local & Global Science Profile
  • Support the completion of the development, running and testing of the South African Earth System Model
  • Expand membership of international panels in addition to existing.
  • Extensive publication rate of > 10 publications per year and a doubling of its publication output every 5 years.
SOCCO aims to have a societal level impact that aligns with national and global needs:
  • Support the improvement in century-scale climate risk forecasts by reducing uncertainties in our ability to accurately represent the biophysical mechanisms that govern ocean-atmosphere fluxes of CO2 and heat.
  • Support South African and global carbon mitigation policy by improving the confidence in century-scale projections of climate risk by Earth System Models for informed adaptation planning and decision-making that meet society‚Äôs urgent need for robust and actionable climate risk management
  • Building a nationally integrated observational and modelling capability to support policy development and robust assessment of the opportunities and risks of ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) strategies.
  • Address Human Capital Development and transformation needs within both scientific and technological research innovation by developing a skilled and capable workforce in support of a knowledge-based economy.