Dr Pedro MS Monteiro is a Chief Oceanographer at CSIR with a special interest in the understanding of how and why the ocean biogeochemistry of oxygen and carbon adjusts to climate variability. The use of numerical modelling as experimental platforms to understand scale sensitivities of coupled physics and biogeochemical processes in the Southern Ocean isRead More..

Dr Thomalla’s main research focus was on understanding the biological carbon pump through measurements of primary production (14C and 15N) and carbon export (234Th/238U disequilibrium) and interpreting these data in terms of their physical and biogeochemical control mechanisms. During her studies she participated in a number of national and international research programmes that include theRead More..

Tumelo obtained his BSc degree in Computer science and Mathematics and Honours degree in Mathematical Science at the North-West University and joined SOCCO as an MSc student. He since obtained an MSc in Applied Ocean Science from the University Of Cape Town investigating wind variability in the South Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean andRead More..