In March this year the Southern Ocean Carbon-Carbon Observatory (SOCCO) research programme based at the CSIR Smart Society, Holistic Climate Change Division released their Phase IV Integrated Science and Innovation Strategy: 2022-2027. More than a decade ago, the important (yet drastically understudied) role of the Southern Ocean in global climate was recognised, which together with Continue Reading

The recent announcement from the National Geographic on the 8th June 2021 that the Southern Ocean will be recognised as the world’s fifth ocean, alongside the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic, has caused quite a stir amongst scientists who have specialised their research in this unique and mesmerising environment. The reason for this is that Continue Reading

In situ observations of open ocean (and in particular the Southern Ocean) turbulent mixing are sparse and remain one of the ‘holy grails’ of Oceanography. Ocean fronts and eddies are hotspots for raised turbulent mixing, however, it is extremely intermittent and thus difficult to observe. The passage of strong atmospheric storms are thought to further enhance Continue Reading