In March this year the Southern Ocean Carbon-Carbon Observatory (SOCCO) research programme based at the CSIR Smart Society, Holistic Climate Change Division released their Phase IV Integrated Science and Innovation Strategy: 2022-2027. More than a decade ago, the important (yet drastically understudied) role of the Southern Ocean in global climate was recognised, which together with Continue Reading

The Southern Ocean has a powerful influence on Earth’s climate, as it stores more anthropogenic CO2 and heat than any other latitude band on Earth. This massive body of water also plays a pivotal ecosystem role in regulating the supply of nutrients to lower latitudes which supports about 80% of ocean production. Its ability to Continue Reading

By Sarah Gille, Simon Josey, and Seb Swart: EOS article 13 May 2016 Air-sea exchanges in the Southern Ocean of momentum, heat, freshwater, carbon dioxide, and other gases are not well documented because fluxes are sparsely sampled (see Figure 1) and because high winds, high sea state, and lack of calibration for bulk formulas make Continue Reading