Luke is a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town. His research interests are biogeochemistry with a focus on the marine carbonate system. In 2012 Luke completed an MSc on the drivers of the marine carbonate system of the Southern Benguela. His MSc dissertation had a strong observational focus, involving sample collection and analysis, a skill that has taken him to the Southern Ocean on two occasions.

His current research (PhD) has a far stronger numerical and statistical focus. Luke is trying to estimate surface pCO2 of the Southern Ocean from remotely sensed parameters using and comparing statistical learning techniques (linear regression, artificial neural networks, support vector machines and Kriging). The aim of the PhD is to test whether the current widely used method (neural networks) is in fact the best estimator of pCO2 given the paucity of data in the Southern Ocean. In this dissertation he also hopes to address how to reduce the uncertainty in Southern Ocean CO2 measurements most effectively using multiple platforms. Luke is also a keen scientific programmer, promoting Python (SciPy) as a free, powerful and growing alternative to other scientific programming languages.