August 2017 - GINA activities in SAEON's news

Jethan D’Hotman published a nice little article on the SAEON website which you can read here. The article explains some of the challenges experienced when working with gliders in the Agulhas Current region. Also highlighted are some of the capacity building undertaken as part of GINA.

25 June 2017 - Gliders deployed !

The SV3 waveglider and the Seaglider were deployed in the Natal Bight on 25 June 2017. Both gliders are collecting data and are presently located just east of Durban. We will try to keep the gliders in this region for a few more days before directing them southward to sample the coastal and shelf regions between Durban and East London. The deployments were made from the SAIAB operated R.V Phakisa with some fantastic support from the SAIAB sea-going team.

Engineering student Waajidah Arends (CSIR and Sea Technology Services) assembling the SV3 waveglider prior to deployment.
Deployment of the Seaglider from the R.V Phakisa

2 June 2017 - Sea trials completed !

Two Seagliders and an SV3 waveglider were deployed off Cape Town as part of the sea trials for GINA. During the sea trials, the glider platforms and all the sensors on the platforms were checked for any malfunctions. The gliders performed well and Seaglider 574 was identified as the best Seaglider for GINA. Shortly after deployment of the Seagliders, vertical profiles of CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) were taken together with water samples. The water samples are used to calibrate the CTD and to ensure that the sensors on the ocean glider platforms are accurate. Concentration of dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll A and values of salinity were derived from the collected sample using the lab in the UCT oceanography department.

Fred Fourie and JP Smit from SAMERC about to deploy two Seagliders
UCT students collect water samples to be used for the calibration of the sensors.

28 May - 2 June 2017 - Training on gliders

Jethan in front a clear view Seaglider. The cleaview Seaglider is used for teaching purposes only to help one understand how gliders are made and how they function.

Jethan D'Hotman and Marjolaine Krug attended the Training Internationally on Gliders - TING course. Marjolaine presented a lecture entitled "Operating gliders in the Agulhas" to highlight some of the challenges associated with sampling strong western boundary current regions with ocean gliders. TING provided Jethan with some hands on training experience on Seagliders.