The GINA (Gliders in the Agulhas) experiment :

Like drones, ocean gliders are autonomous robotic platforms which can be piloted from land. In June/July 2017, an SV3 Liquid Robotic Waveglider and a Seaglider will undertake a 2 month journey from Richards Bay to Port Elizabeth. Throughout their southward journey the two gliders will measure a range of oceanic parameters. The collected information will in turn be used by marine scientists to improve our knowledge of how the Agulhas Current influences the coastal regions along the South African eastern shores. The glider will be monitored 24/7 by a team of pilots at SAMERC.

An SV3 Waveglider.
A Seaglider being deployed.

Funding :

GINA is a multi-institutional project funded by CSIR-NRE (SOCCO, Coastal Systems and Ecosystem Earth Observations groups), SAEON (Egagasini and Elwandle nodes), SAIAB, University of Gothenburg (Department of Marine Science), DAFF, DEA , ORI, UCT (Oceanography Department), Nansen-Tutu Centre for Marine Environmental Research.